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With the innovative and patented “Dual Balance Technology”, Xperon has lifted the development of golf balls to a higher level, including a robot that indicates the center of gravity of the ball for accurate ball positioning.

Xperon is considered to be groundbreaking in this production process and is known as a company with innovative technology and product quality.

Xperon – perfection collected in a ball
At the end of the production process, the core of golf balls often has a slightly shifted center of gravity. Most golf balls on the market are equipped with a sift mark that will help the player to aim the ball to the intended spot. The positioning of the target mark does not take into account the varying center of gravity of the golf ball. Although the scale is perfect and the ball is completely round, the wrong balance/perception of these balls causes the ball to move slightly to the left or right during the turn and the putting.

This insight became the starting point for the research team when the South Korean Xperon Golf started in 2014 and started developing golf balls and a high-tech production process that currently has no fewer than 22 patents.

The Xperon Dual Balance Technology means that each ball is individually balanced along the guide mark, which guarantees a longer and more consistent ball flight.

Golf balls by Xperon are approved by the R & A and USGA.